Which one do I prefer?

Referring to the topic, seems so serious, like making big choice in life..

This time I wanna talk about phone! Yeah, hand phone of course .

At what age do you have your first hand phone? I got it after getting 5 A’s in UPSR. Nokia 3310.. Some people say, it’s very tough phone, “baling dinding pon tak pecah”. nokia 3310

I just use it for  a few weeks since hand phone was not allowed to be brought to boarding school! It means I only have that phone for a while, after that no more, until form 4 my brother bought new phone, nokia also.

Alrite forget about the first phone story. Actually I wanna talk about blackberry. I’ve no internet at home. I also got problem with internet connection during internship (I stayed in the house that has no internet). Thus, to make my life easier, I should own a smartphone. Wow, sounds ambitious right. At that time my phone was nokia also. That’s my 4th handphone after I lost my sony ericson in Masjid an-Nur, during Ramadhan in year 2011, just a few days after I came back from Padang (it means that i lost all the pictures of padang from the phone).

Really need to budget my allowance during internship, to get a new phone. What’s the criteria?

1. Have internet

2. Have mp3

3. Clear camera

4. Basic things of course: calling and messages

One more important, the monthly package for internet, must be affordable. I’m still a student so need to consider all of those things.

images (9)

Survey done! Blackberry has monthly package, only RM25/ month. I must maintain my celcom number with prepaid because it is U-PAX number..call only for RM 0.15 / min to all numbers, RM 0.01/ sms to celcom number and RM 0.06/ sms to the other network. Plus, it is unlimited validity till age of 25 years old. What a waste if I change to postpaid, all those benefit of U-PAX will no longer applicable. I’ve to maintain it. If I choose samsung for android, the monthly package cost is higher and better to have postpaid. Ouh no, I can’t just let go all the benefits of U-PAX number. Alrite, blackberry (bb), you are mine now.

Alhamdulillah, it’s a good choice. Once the bb is equipped with advance monthly package via celcom, I can check email anytime that i want, I can use whats’app, blackberry messanger (bbm), clear sound for mp3 and higher pixel for camera. Not to forget nice video capture.

That’s the story of my bb. My 1st bb is Bold 3, after having problem, (hantar kedai untuk baiki sound, tapi benda lain rosak lagi teruk), then I trade in and take curve 4. =)

Alhamdulillah, I enjoy using it now. My dear friends, life is about making decision, aiseh..even to buy a new phone also must consider all factors. One more, my dear friends, let’s move to smartphone so that we can always in contact via what’s app/viber/line after this. Free! Given that you need to take the internet package. OK.




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